Radka Janeková
aka Rhea Ayase
writes and teaches C# code on Linux. Former game programmer with passionate opinions about the industry, Community Manager and active contributor to gaming and open source communities. Currently wearing her RedHat, playing with the delicate C# letters in Linux.
Rhea and her fiancé

Rhea & her fiancé

  The name is Radka, but I’m known as Rhea Ayase on the interwebz. I’m that rare unicorn, a female programmer. And a gamer. I’m an active contributor not only to dev communities, but also to the gaming ones. Grill on the web!

  I used to be a streamer with rather decent amount of viewers, but now I stream only casually while still trying to put up a video or two every month and actively maintaining several large gaming communities on Discord.

  I began my career in game development, leaving my C++ code all over the Angry Birds, later on a little bit of C++ and Python in the World of Tanks engine, and a lot of C# in several other released titles and prototypes. I’m currently wearing my Red Hat though. As you could have guessed, I’m on the dotnet, Azure and OpenShift teams. I love C#, I find C++ a bit too slow to use, and dislike Python for its whitespace syntax… Hate me for it if you want :p

  I was familiar with Linux for a long time, and actively started using it somewhere around 2008. My first desktop distribution was Mandriva 2008, later it was Arch Linux and during university I switched to BackTrack, because I studied security and felt like I might as well play around a little bit out of the standard sandbox… As far as servers go my first server experience was with CentOS, then I went through ClearOS briefly, and ended up using unRAID on my home-server. It was an interesting project to set up all the things. After university I went more casual and after I sold my notebook I was left with only my Windows PC and the unRAID server for a while.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

  One day I managed to inspire the desolate white space with the delicate C# letters of simplified artificial intelligence, also known as the Botwinder. A little almost-open-source project, a Community Management bot for Discord. It was running on Raspberry Pi 3 in Raspbian Linux, however during the summer 2016 it became very popular and the poor tiny raspie was not enough anymore. And so we are running it from a strronk VPS now, together with its website. Nope, I’m not a web developer! My fiancé is responsible for that, it is Laravel somethingsomething. ;p

  Oh and I’m running Fedora on my RedHat issue Lenovo notebook, and all of my servers as well. <3

Console with a bunny in the background

I really, really like Bunnehs.

  I usually spend my days working on something, whether it’s Botwinder’s code, or just helping out in some open source or gaming community, I enjoy it.

  Wish I could still claim that I’m a gamer, but sadly I don’t have anywhere near as much time as I used to. This is mostly due to my activities around Botwinder and all the communities and projects that I contribute to - I wasn’t this active in the past. We can still find a little bit of time to play a game or two with my boyfriend though!

Rhea's Katana

This is my Kirei. That's what I call my Katana, it means beautiful in Japanese.

  I used to go out to exercise once a week - a little bit of iaido, somewhere in the meadows, edge of a forest… It’s Japanese martial art of drawing the sword. The goal is to be ready at all times, for example Samurai is always ready to draw the sword from any position, sitting or standing. For me it was a specific kind of relax outside.

  Iaido was recently replaced by a new passion of mine, or maybe newly reborn? I used to do a coupple thousand kilometers on a bike every summer, when I was a kid. We used to go on long holiday with my dad, sleeping in a tent and stuff. I’ve now returned to that after good 12 years of not touching a bike. I sold my car and bought a Mountain Bike instead (for twice as much as I got from the car.) After a few months I’ve replaced this cross-country bike with a proper trail bike. I needed something more serious.

  You can follow my mountain biking adventures on my youtube channel, and you can also follow me on twitter for some of the tech stuff as well.

Rhea's Mountain Bike

Rhea's Specialized Camber carbon 29" with SRAM Eagle.